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Hello! Welcome to julong plastic!

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Wuxi Julong Plastics Co., Ltd. (originally Wuxi No. 1 Plastics Factory) was established in 1956 which is a medium-sized enterprise with a history more than 60 years and is specializing in the production of engineering plastic products. In 1992, it has the registered capital of 18.36 million RMB and was afforded 34.5 million RMB from the municipal goverment when the enterprise entered the industry zone in 2008, as to the end of 2009 the total assets of the enterprise reached 103.86 million RMB...



  • In 2016, Vow making for being a Party member and awards ceremony for outstanding…


  • In March 2016, the company held the Second Session of the Third Congress in the …


  • In order to enrich staffs’ spare time, the company union organized to go fishing…


The company specializes in production and sales of plastic logistics box, plastic containers, plastic pallets, plastic parts of houschold appliances and motors, engineering plastic fittings and other plastic products, and is known...
Sales tel:

86 510 83700441-288
86 510 83700441-289
86 - 510 83702495 
86 - 510 83027755

Sales fax: 86 0510 83027755

Tel: 86 510 83700441
Fax: 86 0510 83703864
Email:[email protected]
Add:Lianhe Road 12 , HuDai Industrial Park, Wuxi ,Jiangsu China

Alibaba Chinese Station:http://wxjl1688.cn.alibaba.com
Alibaba English Station:http://wuxijulong.en.alibaba.com




Enterprise Spirit: Courtesy.integrity.responsibility.dedication.
Quality Policy:high quality and sincerity for customer satisfaction.


Technical Support

The company has a number of professional and technical personnel with extensive practical experience and are able to master UG, PROE and other software designs, and...


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Sales fax: 86 0510 83027755 Tel: 86 510 83700441 Fax: 86 0510 83703864 Email:[email protected]
Add :Lianhe Road 12 , HuDai Industrial Park, Wuxi ,Jiangsu China P.C:214161
SU ICP:06006313
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